Gray Fox Theater

Thanks for the memories
On May 31st we closed the doors for the last time. We had exactly 50 shows, many jams, open mic's and karaoki. Toward the end we attempted to earn enough to pay the rent by renting out our hall for birthday parties, showers, Church and other events. However it was too little too late. We advertised in several mediums yet Goldsboro for the most part didn't come out. Without attendance at first we paid the bands out of pocket mainly because we had already booked them for on contract. We brought in some great groups. But due to circumstances which happened before and soon after we opened the doors then when we had to change the name. It put us behind the curve and in a hole we couldn't climb out of. Now we hear that another club in town has purchased the building. We wish them luck. But we don't believe that it will be a family friendly environment anymore.

We, including our first parnter put a lot into this and made it a gem of the area. We had a nice stage, great acoustics great sound system, lighting and comfortable seats. Every group who played on our stage raved about it and how nice it was. We made the building desireable and surely why it was bought by this another club.

Ron, Melanie, Charles and Dan










  • 3009 E. Ash Street, Goldsboro, NC 27534

What People Are Saying

  • Robert Phillips - The D R Wells Medicine Show had a great time performing of The Foggy River tonight. It is a first class venue and we wish you all the sucess. We look forward to coming back
  • Donnie Barham - Top notch facility! Awesome sound and stage. A must see
  • Tom Isenhour - It was great fun to perform in this wonderful new venue for bluegrass and country music. I've been pickin' in places all over the SouthEastern United States for over 50 years and this place makes my No. 1 place to play. The décor, the set up, the lighting, the sound system, even the monitor system is all first class and the people running this place are first class too! Great job! I wish them the best success in the future for bringing great music to Goldsboro, North Carolina.
  • Jennifer Vinciguerra - Had fun! System sounds great! You guys have done a great job with the place!
  • Mary Warren - I loved the sound in that stage! I could hear everything very clearly. Look Ma, no monitors!


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